About Us

Emirate Builders Company Limited firm formally known as Emirate Builders & Glass Co. Limited offering a unique “Total Project Construction” for highly specialised and complex projects of any value Emirate Builders Company Limited is a private local owned company. It is a Construction firm specilized in civil works, Building works, Electrical works, Specialist Contractor in Metal Aluminium and Glass Works as well as Supplying Aluminium, PVC , Glass and many other building materials.

The Company is dedicated to provide the best the possible solution sand service for various Clients, which include individuals, religious institutions, private firms, local and central governments parastatals etc. The Company strength is a result of a wide range of expertise, which includes:; architecture, quantity surveying, project management, property management, civil engineering, building and structural matters expert reports and reviews, that is built within itself. Although Emirate Builders Company Limited is only twelve years old it has inherited a wealth of skills and experience from it technical Personnel and other Contractors who have the advantage of working on a number of construction projects for over Twelve years.

Emirate Builders Company Limited is a Limited liability Company Before known as Emirate Aluminium and Glass Company Limited incorporated in Tanzania and is registered by Registrar of Companies with Certificate No:71286 dated 3rd June 2009. The Company is registered by the contractor Registration Board and the Company has a valid trading licence issued by the Ubungo Municipal Council. All these documents are appended to this profile for easy reference.

Our Company was officially found in 2009, but our journey was exciting and of a great success. This was mainly attributed to our employees, clients and shareholders. Our experience record of delivering successful, innovative, large scale and above all, valuable solutions to our clients in Tanzania and outside Tanzania, stand as testimony to our successful journey We aim to be the company that customers come to it when they are face turbulence in Construction, building Material Business, PVC Aluminium and Glass believing that they will find a mind to innovate, a hand to build and a strong Company to rely on. We treasure our world- class team of people and invest in their abilities, with our mission to deliver a positive experience in Construction and Building Material such Aluminium, PVC
Glass, Implementing, managing and operating complex Project for Individual Customer, Private Companies, Government, financial institutions, and other Customers, translating advanced technologies in Construction and the latest methodologies of Building material and Aluminium into value for our customers and welfare of the community, through our professional services and Implementation capabilities.

At Emirate Builders Co. Limited we believe that everyone is entitled to great Construction, personal style and optimal layout at fair price. Our houses are designed by different engineer. All you need to do is brief us on on your dream home and we’ll make sure it is built for you. During the design and building phases of project we consciously think about the environments as well they welfare of its future occupants. For example, we work with many environmentally – friendly material as possible and separate and recycle all building waste. To an extend, We contribute towards green building Tanzania.

Mission Statement

To provide quality workmanship and customer service and maintain the highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in ourrelationships with our customers, employees and vendors. To grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services and solutions to markets we already serve and expand into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred contractor of choice. A company that our customer want to work with our employees are proud to work for.

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Specilized Equipment

We are all equipped with an ever expanding array of earth moving equipment. Today Emirate Builders Co. Limited is leading expert in loads plants eg: excavators, Grader, lowbed, Roller and FAW as well as several other types of each moving equipment’s Endowedwith maximum stability, operation flexibility and unequaled handliness our equipment are the ideal choice for earth moving activities in East Africa.